The First 30 Days

Posted on 06. Apr, 2008 by jon in Building eduFire, eduFire News

eduFireHey all. It’s been a while since I’ve posted (which means we’ve been busy) but I wanted to drop everyone a line as we’ve been live for about 30 days now (plus or minus a few…no one is counting…). Here’s an update on what went down in the first month since the official launch of eduFire:

#1 – Lots of sessions with our tutors! An open marketplace for in-browser real-time learning hasn’t existed before. When you’re doing something new it can often be slooooooow going at first. After all, you get a lot of questions, hesitant people, etc. We had no idea what to expect and have been pleasantly surprised at what’s transpired. Some of the most surprising things were a few international sessions (we’re not really set up for that but it’s been cool to see people doing video chat across the pond!), how excited teachers are getting about the proposition of learning from home and the relatively small number of technical complaints we’ve had. Things haven’t been perfect and it will take some time to nail the user experience but what we’ve seen so far has been very encouraging.

If you haven’t already, I’d highly recommend you to head on over to eduFire and sign up for a session with one of our tutors. You’ll literally be making history by being one of the first people ever to learn in real-time over the Web. It’s a blast and a great way to help support the tutors who have been so passionate (and patient!) during these first few weeks of getting off the ground. (In fact, the most common request we get from tutors is “Send me more students!!!” :))

#2 – Over 400 tutors signed up. For me the most fun part of the first 30 days has been getting to know our tutors. We have an amazing community already forming and that’s evident in several places on the site, most notably in our community forums which have almost 600 posts so far. Some of the most active tutors have been Spring, Patrice, Candy, Marco, Angeles…oh boy, I better stop there. I know I’m already leaving a lot of people out! Anyway, I’ve talked/emailed/eduFired with almost all of these people personally and it’s been a total pleasure. I’m so excited to watch this community grow!

#3 – Flashcards! One of my favorite developments of the last 30 days is the launch of flashcards. You can think of flashcards as a fun and easy way to practice your vocabulary in between eduFire lessons. Flashcards are totally free and what I really like is that you can challenge your friends and go for the top score in any language or individual set (e.g., just try and knock Carrie off in Spanish flashcards…I dare ya!). Flashcards just launched a few days ago so it’s too early to predict how popular they’ll get but the early indications are good (the most common word used in response to flashcards so far? “Addictive”).

#4 – A little buzz for eduFire. We’ve been keeping the site pretty low profile for now but mentions of the site are sneaking out here and there. Venture Hacks featured us (thanks Nivi!) and I noticed my buddy Dave over at TeachStreet wrote up a nice little post (kudos on the recent funding Dave!). Even got a quick mention in the LA Business Journal. More to come on that front as we start getting the word out now that we’re live.

Thanks to any of you who’ve supported us in getting here. Something big’s afoot I feel and what excites me most is not what that means for any of us here at eduFire but rather for the community of tutors and students we serve. Ultimately, we’re building eduFire for them in the hopes that education and learning can be more fun than it has ever been before and that we can help to create a future full of “entrepreneurial educators”, people getting paid to teach what they love.

I hope to see you on the site soon!

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  • way to go guyz! keep up the great work!

  • Now that I've actually gotten to take a class, I really get it.

    Having an instructor's full attention is a great way to stay focused.

  • Ryan B


    I think you're definitely on to something here -- keep up the good work.

    - Ryan

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