The Top 21 Language Bloggers on the Web

Posted on 19. Jun, 2008 by reg in Education, ShoutOuts, eduFire News

Language BloggersBeen scanning the blogosphere lately looking for people who are blogging on the subject of learning languages. There aren’t a *ton* of them but I have come across some really good blogs. So, here we go, in no particular order, with the Top 21 Language Bloggers on the Web. And I know I’m leaving some people out…my apologies in advance! Feel free to add others in the comments! :)

#1 – Omniglot – This blog covers a wide spectrum of languages and offers up fun stuff like Mystery Language competitions and Words of the Day. If you’re passionate about languages in general (vs. simply looking to learn one particular language) this one’s a must-read/must-subscribe.

#2 – – This appropriately named blog focuses on a variety of aspects of language learning including stuff like intensive learning and raising bilingual children. This blog updates frequently and is full of lots of interesting language-related links.

#3 – Language Hat – Language Hat is definitely one of the smartest language-related blogs you’ll find. There’s a great community of people reading and commenting on the blog as you can see evidence of here. Highly recommended if you’re looking for something a bit more academic.

#4 – Free Language – If you’re one of those people who can never have too many resources or links in your quest to learn than this one’s perfect for you. By far one of the best collection of language-related learning links on the web as you can witness here and here.

#5 – Babelhut – Want to know how to set up a Spanish keyboard in Vista? Looking for insight into study habits for Japanese? You’ve come to the right place. Babelhut hasn’t been around very long but I like what I see so far!

#6 – Confessions of a Language Addict – Perhaps the most basic blog design ever but don’t let that fool you. There’s some great content here. For example, take a look at these recent posts on language immersion and the best language learning methods. Well worth the read.

#7 – Tower of Confusion – I love people who approach languages with the same intensity that Kevin Garnett approaches basketball. The author of Tower of Confusion definitely fits the bill. Check out recent posts on Migration to Anki and Shadowing Alone. Good stuff…

#8 – The Linguist on Language – Steve Kauffman is one of the most well-known language bloggers. He’s the author of The Linguist and has developed LingQ, a very cool language learning system. Given Steve’s deep expertise on language learning this is a good one to keep tabs on.

#9 – Polyglot To Be – Polyglot To Be is an interesting look at multiple ways to learn languages ranging from mnemonics to context reading. Seeing the variety of approaches and languages up close and personal is great…language learning voyeurism at its best!

#10 – Language Study Blog @ – You can think of as kinda like Their Language Study Blog is very well done. For example, check out this article on learning languages with an iPod.

#11 – Learn Spanish with Tomísimo – If you’re learning how to speak Spanish this one’s a must read. While not every post has to do specifically with learning the language for the most part there’s a high signal-to-noise ratio here and some fresh ideas (e.g., 6 Reasons You Should Talk to Strangers in Spanish). Two thumbs up from this end!

#12 – Behind the Curtain – Stuart Jay Raj is the self-proclaimed “Language Guy” (interesting background article here). He backs it up with some very solid content and resources on his website. What can we say…the guys knows his stuff!

#13 – Dr. Goodword’s Language Blog – More linguistics than foreign language learning, Dr. Goodword is interesting to follow nonetheless. Reading this blog gives you an increased sense of appreciation for the richness of language (e.g., this recent post on rapeseed oil) which is an important thing for all aspiring polyglots to have.

#14 – Learning Spanish Blog – Another must-read if you’re learning Spanish, I’ve been very impressed with this blog. Totally awesome links, reviews and more. Plus, if you really want you can learn to swear in Spanish. ;)

#15 – Italian Language, Grammar and Usage Resource – Since I’ve offered up a couple of Spanish-specific blogs I’d be remiss to ignore my Italian friends. This blog has a ton of Italian lessons and even an opportunity to follow their word of the day via Twitter. Gotta love technology huh?!

#16 – Learn Japanese – One fo the best Japanese learning blogs on the Net, Learn Japanese is chock full of helpful hints on subjects ranging from flashcard usage to whether or not to take Japanese classes. A must-have for all of you learning Japanese. (UPDATE: The author of the blog has moved it to here.)

#17 – Keith’s Voice on Extreme Language Learning – Extreme Language Learning?! I like it. Posts on stuff like the Iversen Method and using YouTube to learn languages make this blog worth checking out, especially if you’re learning Kanji.

#18 – The Four Hour Workweek – This one’s a bit of a cheat because most of Tim Ferriss’s posts *aren’t* about learning languages but the ones he has posted (e.g., How to Learn (But Not Master) Any Language in 1 Hour) are very interesting and the comments tend to be well worth the read as well. Let’s hope Tim posts more on language learning in the future!

#19 – The Language Chronicle – Very good yet very broad. Everything from Zulu to Hebrew to Ahmaric can be found here. Lots of links here and other interesting stuff. This is a good blog to put in your feedreader and scan from time to time.

#20 – The Linguist Blogger – Not to be confused with #8 on our list, The Linguist Blogger is a solid collection of articles and links. It’s a blog that seems to be picking up a lot of steam, both in terms of quality and quantity of posts as well as comment activity. If this was a Billboard chart The Linguist Blogger would have a bullet by it. :)

#21 – All Japanese All The Time Dot Com – This one almost didn’t make the list but a couple of our commenters pointed out what a great blog this and upon further review it definitely deserves to make the list. Khatzumoto has a very inspirational story, learning Japanese in all of 18 months. I think you’ll definitely dig this one.

Thanks for bearing with me through all 21 and I hope you find these helpful. Also, don’t forget to check out and subscribe to our Resources Blog in addition to this blog. And as I mentioned before, please post comments and tell me about all the great language learning I missed!

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    Would be greatly appreciated. And checking out all the links posted here now.

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  • Hi! Perhaps I'm missing something or just being thick - but apart from Omniglot which is great, I don't recognise any of the other blogs! Are they all US based ones?

    There are a great number of excellent language learning bloggers that I could name in the UK and Australia that really should be here. The title is misleading therefore - it's not representative of the blogosphere!

    Having said that, feel free to correct me! And i will definitely be checking out some of the above blogs to expand my reading - why don't you check out the left hand side of my blog ( where there's a list of many of the excellent language bloggers I follow such as José Picardo, Joe Dale, Adam Sutcliffe, Lynne Horn, Isabelle Jones, Jess McCulloch, Helena Butterfield, Alex Blagona, Andrew Jeppeson, Jo Rhys-Jones, Chris Fuller and so on!!


  • Great bloggers, and here's our blog: the Chinese in English, ifgogo dot com ^_^

  • This is an awesome list.

  • Cool! I was searching for Language blogs and came across your list: very useful. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the mention!

  • Er, I meant to say, "...blatantly wrong statements and assumptions about language were allowed to stand uncorrected."

  • There is absolutely no way that Tim Ferriss belongs in this list. Not only does he rarely blog about language issues (while many other bloggers do so primarily), but when he does, he often makes trite, misguided observations about language that are either incorrect, tone-deaf, or severely lacking factual basis. He is not a linguist and he shouldn't pretend to be one. His post on "How to learn (but not master) any language in 1 hour" was egregiously bad. It was frustrating to read, and I was downright infuriated when I got to the comments, which were admittedly moderated, while blatantly wrong statements and assumptions about language were allowed to stand.

    I can't imagine that very many linguists or language lovers could get behind him as a credible voice in the field, especially if his posts about language are any indication.

    And what about Language Log? I can't think of a more language-focused blog written by a higher-caliber group of professionals than those folks!

    I have no affiliation positive or negative with either Tim Ferriss or any of the folks at Language Log. Just sayin'...

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    @ Nathan, comment 11 - seconded!
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    But no less so, than, say, Language Hat. And if, say, #13, Dr Goodwood's Language Blog, is "More linguistics than foreign language learning" too, then, yes, where on earth is Language Log? It's my number 1.

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  • reg

    That's a fair comment Ole. I probably should have stated that it was only English language blogs. I came across a number of good-looking language blogs that weren't in English but given my relatively non-polyglotism (I'm sure that's *not* a word) I wasn't able to adequately evaluate them.

  • Funny how all the "Top 21 language bloggers on the web" are in English. Everybody's language? Or maybe a somewhat more modest "Top 21 English language bloggers on the web" would have been more appropriate?

  • we are leaving some people out??

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  • Did I miss Language Log? Should be in the top five, if not top three.

  • You'll find another language blog at

    Short columns are posted twice a week on Wordmall, and many of the ideas come from my radio program on language, Words to the Wise Tuesdays, 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. EST

  • I'm humbled by the mention :) Thanks again. It's good to see an active and flourishing interest in language learning.

  • Thanks for mentioning Free Language! i just sent some love back:

    All the best to eduFire and language learners around the Web!

  • Good to see Omniglot and Language Hat in the top 3. They truly deserve it.

  • YES i agree with you  "Good to see Omniglot and Language Hat in the top 3"

  • Thank you you can get more please check this thread once in a week thank you.

  • Thanks for including Suite 101! I've only been at this a few months, so even more exciting than being on your list (a huge honor), is the list itself. What an incredible resource. I can't wait to check out all these language blogs.

  • reg

    @ Jim and Thomas - You guys were so right. Great blog! We've now made it the "Top 21" and added AJATT to the list. Good catch. :)

  • I'm honored to be included in this list, especially since that groups me with such excellent linguists and bloggers who I already greatly respect.

  • I agree with you .The bloggers is funny

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