eduFire Classes Goes Live! Let Social Learning Begin!

Posted on 22. Jan, 2009 by Koichi in New Features, eduFire Platform


It’s finally happened! Just the other day (on the same day as the Obama inauguration – we do feel bad for overshadowing his big day), eduFire classes came out of testing and went live (along with a brand new home page), and we’ve already seen a lot of activity. Classes are being added, and all that is left is for you to join them (or create some more)! Since we’ve recently added an “Other” category, there’s been a lot of new things as well, such as a class on raw foods, a class about Twittering for Business and Blogs, and even one about network security!


So what does this mean for you? Well, a lot of things, but here’s a few, nicely numbered out:

  1. Reduced Prices for More Students: Think of it like getting a bulk discount at the store. By allowing for more students (you can do up to 100 participants in a class), teachers can charge less and make more! Not only that, but students will pay less (or nothing, for some classes), which means everybody wins!
  2. Social Learning: Did you ever try classes when it was in beta? Learning with other people… learning with your friends… can be a lot of fun! Students help each other out, they can practice with each other, and have a grand old time. The culture of a group class is really interesting!
  3. More Choice: Now, anyone will be able to create a class. It doesn’t have to be about languages. It doesn’t have to be about test prep. Feel free to make up new categories, and teach a class based on your expertise! We definitely look forward to see what your creative minds come up with.

If you have a chance, help eduFire spread the word! Just a Tweet on Twitter, a blog post, or telling your friends about it will be much appreciated! We look forward to seeing you in a class!

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