3 Quick Tips on Becoming a Successful Learner

Posted on 10. Sep, 2009 by Koichi in Education, Learning, Resources

I found this image in a great blog post that I was reading, and it really struck a chord. How about you? You certainly aren’t one of the 99%, right?


In all before-and-after success stories, there’s one thing that they didn’t tell you about: perseverance. Every one of these people had to work hard to be successful, and even though they make it look easy, it wasn’t! Nothing is as easy as we want it to be, but in the end, if you try hard and take the leap you will make it. Then you will be the one to make it look simple. Today, let’s look at three things you can do to increase your learning potential and be one of these success stories.

1. Write down your goals

You’d be surprised at how much this helps. There was a study done recently, where college students were put into three groups: The first group was the control group, and they did nothing. The second group were asked to come up with their “life goals.” The third and final group were asked to actually write down their goals. Later in the students’ lives the researchers found out how much they were making. Can you guess the results?

  • Group 1 (no goals): We’ll be comparing the success of Groups 2 and 3 against this group.
  • Group 2: Made 3x the income of Group 1
  • Group 3: Made 11x the income of Group 1

ELEVEN TIMES! That’s not too bad.

When it comes to learning, writing down your goals are important as well. What is it that you’d like to achieve? What do you wish to do with the knowledge that you are gaining? Who do you need to contact or meet to get there? By writing your goals down you are clearing the path to victory. Try this out with anything you are doing and watch your life improve!

2. Keep Yourself Accountable and Prevent Burnout

Have you ever gotten really excited about something, gone all out, and then ended up quitting because you worked too hard or got too busy? One way to prevent this is to create an accountability system for yourself. This approach is especially important when you are learning something on your own. Here are some quick tips to do better:

  • Learn with a Friend: If both of you get into it, learning can be a lot more fun and fulfilling. Just make sure you pick someone that learns at your pace, otherwise you’ll find that one person can get discouraged.
  • Start a Blog: Share what you’re learning with the world! Starting a blog has never been easier with platforms like Wordpress or Blogger. When you start a blog keep in mind that you are writing to an audience. A blog is a great way to share your knowledge, keep you learning, and stay accountable!
  • Learn From Different Places: It can be boring for your brain to learn from the same place. Go someplace public, like a coffee shop or library where other people are around. This will help you stay motivated.
  • Turn Off Your Internet! This is tougher than it sounds. If you have to use the Internet for whatever it is you’re learning, consider separating work and play by assigning them to different browsers. For example, all “fun” stuff goes on Chrome, and all the work stuff goes on Firefox. Make sure you stick to your rules!

3. Use the Right Tools

Figure out what you need to help you learn. Whether that’s the right learning environment, the right software, or the right teacher depends on you and you alone. We think that our SuperPass program is a wonderful way to learn incredible things, but there are other great resources out there as well. Here’s a quick list.

Then again, sometimes nothing beats a book, a pencil, and a reading lamp, right? Well… we’d probably debate that.

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